Split with Short Term Effect

by Onsind

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released May 1, 2008

Our side was recorded by Gary Whelpdale (who also played Trumpet).
ONSIND is Nathan and Daniel.
Released by Discount Horse.
Extra Special Thanks to Tom Linnington!




Onsind Durham

Onsind is a punk band from Pity Me, Durham (UK).

We have released music ourselves and with friends like Plan-it-X (RIP), Discount Horse (RIP) and Specialist Subject.

Get in touch! nathanisacynic AT gmail DOT com
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Track Name: T.R.S. (at the Subrosa, Kiel)
I've got a lot to learn, but I think I made a start today. I'm just trying to be objective with the choices that I make. Recieve. Repair. Return. I curse the debts that I repay. As we exchange ideas and move beyond the arguments, the mists will disperse, skip forward 1000 years and see what your 'facts' are worth.

Broken Promises feel a lot more bloody hard, When you're the one standing stood-up in the rain, holding flowers and a card. And when you're looking for answers and excuses is all you get, it's not surprising that your dying from the pain in your head, but when they can't look you in the eye at least you know that you're asking them the right questions.

I miss those 'heartache' days, I miss the trauma and the pain. But now I know friends come and go, and people grow and friendships change. Hostilities confuse; allies and foes can look the same. That friendly fire that hurt so much, now seems so tame. And when I look back I hope I can say, I took nothing for granted, with the choices that I made.

I didn't take a single thing for granted.