We Wilt, We Bloom

by Onsind

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Magnolia 02:10
I saw you at the railway station, But you didn’t notice though, I could see you waiting, Packed up, ready to go, You were on the Southbound platform, I was getting off a Northbound train, Looking at a phone for comfort, Some things never change, How long ago it was that we were sitting touching feet, Beneath a crossword cluttered table, heading somewhere. Listen, we were always meant to be magnolia, Listen, you and me were meant to be magnolia, We wilt, we bloom, leaves fall too soon, We were always gonna be magnolia. We said we’d never grow up, But it happened anyway, And now I’m thinking, Is it really such an awful shame? But I’m a discontented, Dunno what I want to be, Are we ever meant to know that? Are we ever meant to see, Each other in these bodies growing older by the hour, I’d rather die than let you see me in my work clothes.
Immature 03:35
My neighbour told me a story, About a kid who bought a house age 21, I said, you’re winding me up for fun, He said, “it’s true, and by the way your rent’s due son”, That seems so unfair, He said, “if you tried really hard you could get there, But your generation’s so immature, You want it all on a plate, you want it all on a plate, you want it all”. Do I sound like a teenager, When I say that you’ve infantilised our rage, When I say I wanna put myself in danger, Do I sound immature? Yeah, we’re living in our parent’s basements, Or renting foul accommodation from our baby boomer mates but, God forbid you take a selfie or your hated, By a generation raised in the welfare state, They say we’re all so self-obsessed So lazy and workshy and all the rest, But to me it’s seems the one thing that unites all my friends, Is that we all just want to fucking die.
We saw a tale of deadly sins, Now I'm not sure where to begin, Cause when the parents are away, the kids push boundaries when they play, Indelibly on skin, I meant to send a get-well card, But writing it became too hard, And so I stayed with you at your place, much too scared to be alone, Your frightened counterpart. Tracy Mills she got cut down in her prime, But it’s so clear to me that we are not the grieving kind, Cause almost nothing fits the formula, too ragged at the seams, And oh the thought of it still haunts me in my dreams, I spent an evening with a boy, My favourite figurine destroyed, But in the passion of the moment I just laughed and carried on, A stupid broken little toy, It didn’t matter much to me, I was so high I couldn’t see, But when I woke up the next day, I had to hide the tears from him as I wiped them away
Here’s to those that bought the lie, That the work was stolen by the migrants, Who didn’t even think to bat an eye, When their automated checkout tills were non-compliant. Made a circle out of salt on the ground, Stood inside and said “no one can get me now”, Whether bursting through the door to gun you down, Or leaning back with their arms folded while you drown, Some are holy, Some profane, Cuts that kill us slowly, While we heat up the blade. While bombs rained down, Seeds were planted in the ground, A nation state? A caliphate? A vicious circle going round and round and round, From the ruins of Aleppo, To the gates into the palace of Westminster, Motivated, Carbon dated.
I used to think that’d we’d move there, So much more we could do there, Spent too my long nights on a flight comparison website, When we withdrew there, We were making plans, Or chasing the dragon, Armed with cheap rose-tinted spectacles, And an online photo album, But all my friends in that town, Seem to hate each other now, Mediated by a screen, Sometimes it’s hard to talk about, And the bands I used to love, Have all split up or fallen out, “What are you always so worried about?” Like truth, Emerging from a well to shame us all, Bear witness to the pride that always comes before a fall.
Sun went down, Drinking at the dreadnought, Nothing turned out quite the way you thought it would, Knuckles red and crusty, All the pictures gather dust, He doesn’t write, he doesn’t care, There’s this sense of niggling doubt, Everything you care about, Is just some elaborate joke at your expense, The pride you feel is broken, The land you say you love was choked, By your embrace. Cupid’s Bow, Neck Tattoo, “England belongs to you” But what the fuck is England anyway oh yeah, But empty words and empty gestures, That loyalty, it festers, it festers. Words still ringing in your ears “It never did me any harm”, Ditched PE to hide the bruises on your arm, Not so skinny anymore, Wish he’d turn up at the door, Like the social worker did. Widow’s Peak, Neck Tattoo England belongs to you, And all who show their pride in seven shades oh yeah, Empty words and empty gestures, That loyalty, it festers, it festers, it festers. This is not what you were promised, Jerusalem. Is something sacred here among, These dark satanic retail parks? Are we accountable to none, While our adventures leave their mark, Did holy feet in ancient times, Endow a glory in this soil, Capricious markings on a map, Fickle, selfish, violent, spoiled, Jerusalem, blood and vomit on the concrete.
Claimant 02:46
Claimant had his benefits denied, ATOS found him fit for work before he died, At the funeral mourners wept at the injustice of it all, It's a harm to which we're all desensitised. Claimant was arrested out of spite, She was shackled and then forced to board a flight, The only crime that she'd committed was the sin of being born, On the wrong side of an arbitrary line. I see clouds but I can't see the silver lining, God knows I'm trying. Show me where to find the strength to keep on fighting. What for their monopoly on violence, No more time for hand wringing or silence, Speak the only language they can understand. Fuck their monopoly on violence. No more time for hand wringing or silence, Speak the only language the
Huey Alabaster, Give em what their after, Sitting in a lonely cell, Thinking hells not half as bad as feeling this, Huey Alabaster, Never moved faster, Tied it up tight with string, All the things you miss from home, Stuff like rowing with your sister, Going round and round the one-way system, Nicked for nowt, Playing look out, Never hurt a fly, Always paid your taxes, But in your sights, Sirens and lights, You shouted ‘everyone get out’ No, not everyone got out. No not everyone got out, No not everyone got out, No not everyone got out, No not everyone got out, In the end you drew a blank, The anarchist who robbed a bank, And somehow fucked it up and now, You’ve got time to think about how, No not everyone got out, No not everyone got out. You’ve got time to think about how, No not everyone got out, And all the things you miss from home, Stuff like rowing with your sister, Going round and round the one-way system.
Sectioned 03:56
It’s an eerie feeling I can’t quite describe, Clearing out a house, pondering a life, Voyeuristic, masochistic, I can’t quite decide, That old clock keeps ticking, But the time is never right, I caught a glimpse of my reflection, The night that you got sectioned, A pregnant pause by the hospital bed, Contemplating what you said, When you said “misery, misery, misery loves company” I caught a glimpse of my reflection, And the image stayed with me. The atmosphere was different from before, A cold foreboding feeling like a Wendy Carlos score, Gearing up for winter at the Overlook hotel, Shovels for the snow, frozen where we fell.


Recorded Spring-Summer 2017.
Produced and Engineered by ‘Bad’ Phil Booth at JT Soar, Nottingham.
Additional Engineering on ‘The Grieving Kind’, ‘Loyalty Festers’ and ‘Claimant’ by Tom Baker.
Additional Engineering on ‘Huey Alabaster’ by Jonny Swift.
Mastered by Dave Williams (Eight Floors Above, Ottawa, Canada).

Artwork and Layout by Jack Fallows.

Special thanks to Andrew and Kay (Specialist Subject), Marco (Salinas), Jonny Swift (for recording the demos that many of these songs grew out of) and to our manager, booking agent and scrap-man Jimmy Cleveland.

Onsind is:
Nathan Stephens Griffin (Guitar and Vocals)
Daniel Ellis (Guitar and Vocals)
Naomi Griffin (Bass and Additional Vocals)
Jason Cavalier (Drums and Percussion)
Claire Swift (Additional Vocals)


released November 17, 2017




Onsind Durham

Onsind is a punk band from Pity Me, Durham (UK).

We are very lucky to have the help of 2 amazing labels: Specialist Subject records (UK) and Salinas records (USA). Support them!


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